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Contact me for a Demo
Disease & Treatment Information

A first requirement of a patient-faced trial website is to provide clear and patient-understandable information about the disease condition and treatment options. That is what patients are looking for. And perhaps just as important, having disease related content will do a great job to end up higher in Search engines like Google or Bing.

Your homepage needs to be visually attractive and needs to make clear in a split second what your study is about.

In the context of treatment options, you can explain about your trial. And how it differentiates from other treatment options.

Online Screening: 'Can I participate?'

Patients are using Google to find the best possible treatment for their disease or condition. Therefore, they are motivated to learn more about your trial and see if they could benefit from participation.
From your point of view, you want to filter out potentially eligible patients.

As a first step, inform patients in detail about your study:
  - what it takes from them to participate,
  - what the treatment options are,
  - what the major in- exclusion criteria are (in human language!)

As second step, we can include a Screening Form which checks the major requirements. The results of which can be used to decide if the patients is shown more details about the study (like site contact info) or not.

Locate nearest clinical Site

Based on the screening results, patients can be forwarded to a contact page, the content of which is dependent upon Screening status. Our screening algorithm will help you to filter eligible subjects who are within a certain radius around a participating site. If so, they can be shown details about participating sites.

Patients appreciate to know who they will be contacting. So include a picture and possibly a link to a personal information page of each investigator. There is a delicate balance between wanting to recruit as many subjects (and as fast!) as possible, while minimizing the workload for clinical Sites. Our intelligent trial website can support you with this.

Mobile & More

Over 50% of website visitors are using a mobile phone or other device to search the web. We use the latest technologies to make sure that each clinical trial website can be accessed from any device. In addition to adjusting to the device, our intelligent software can also adjust the contents of your trial website to the country in which the visitor is located. If you have additional inclusion criteria in some countries, the software will automatically adjust to that. And needless to mention that a patient-facing website has to be able to handle local languages. So yes, we can.

Deciding to participate in a clinical trial is not an easy decision. So whenever a patient returns to the website, all previously entered information (eg on the Screening Form) is still available. And thus there is no need to re-enter all information before the Site information can be accessed.

Visitor Statistics

Each trial website is built on top of a secured web Portal. Authorized users will be able to login and access the internal section of the Portal. It provides access to visitor statistics, these stats can help you to decide which of your marketing strategies is more effective. Furthermore, you have access to the Screening results. Authorized users can export Screening form data to Excel for further detailed analyses.

By tracking visitors from clicking on a Google Ads Advertissement up to contacting a Site, we can help you analyzing the efficacy of your Google Ads campaigns. The Portal's administration panel allows you to update the content of the patient-facing website yourself, as well as provide translating the content into different languages.