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using Google Ads as recruitment tool

Google Ads
One of the most effective methods to get more visitors to a Study website is to use Google Ads. Let's say you have a study on helping patients who have a 'meniscus' problem with one of your study sites in Houston.
Using Google Ads, you could draft a small advertissement which is shown to persons living within a 50 miles radius of Houston who are searching for 'knee pain'.
When the add is clicked, the person will be forwarded to your Study website.
Is it cost-effective?
This has to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Basically, the cost depends on:
- how much you have to pay when a person clicks your Adwords add, and
- the percentage of people forwarded to your study website who will actually become a trial participant.

An example. Some simple math indicates that if a click cost $ 2, it will cost you $ 2.000 to get 1.000 visitors to your website. If 10% of the visitors actually take the trouble to finish the Screening Form and 10% of those fulfills your screening requirements, the $ 2.000 investment might bring you 10 potential candidates. If only 10% of the potential candidates actually decides to participate, each trial participant will cost you $ 2.000.
Is that cost-effective? That question is for you to answer.
Google Ads Consultancy
If you are a novice user of Google Ads, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to implement an Ads campaign. Despite the complexity, we think Google Ads is one of most underrated tools to get more Trial participants.

We are happy to help you setting up your Google Ads strategy, as well as assist in fine-tuning an Ads campaign.
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