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The most cost-effective method to find new Trial Participants

Content & Design
The more information you are able to present on a study website, the better it is. Not only are patients genuinely interested in reading as much as possible about their disease condition, it also helps in getting a higher ranking in Google.

We will turn your content into a patient-friendly website and make sure the layout fits your branding or company requirements.

Based on study website with 5 pages of content, the fee for the creation of your study website is around € 5.000.*
*Discount may apply for not-for-profit organizations
Online Patient Screening
We can help you to implement a screening procedure of Trial participants. A common method is to use the results of an online screening form to decide if the contact details of participating sites are disclosed or not.
In addition, we can use the distance to the nearest site(s) to decide if it makes sense to disclose any site details.

Multiple languages? No problem.

In general, the cost for setting up an online screening procedure ranges between € 2.500 and 5.000.*

*Discount may apply for not-for-profit organizations
Everything Included
Once your Trial website is implemented on the web Portal, the only cost is a monthly usage fee. The monthly fee is € 300*.

There are no long-term commitments as a subscription can be cancelled per month.
*Discount may apply for not-for-profit organizations
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